Bouquet de Cissus du Château Gugès, Haut-Médoc AOC

Bouquet de Cissus, the latest addition to the Collection du Château GUGÈS range, is a well-rounded red wine. Its history dates back to the Gallo-Roman era when a young governor of the Caesar’s army named Cissus planted the first vines in the gravelly soil of our municipality which is not far from Bordeaux. The governor Cissus gave his name to the village that over time became known as… Cissac. The story was in progress… In 1935, part of the production of Château GUGÈS was brought to the cooperative cellar of Cissac, «La Vignuni» where it was given the brand name of «Bouquet de Cissus».

Today young and sophisticated, this red wine expresses the suppleness of the silky and fruity tannins, supporting by the red fruits and slight woody aromas after the 12-month aging in barrels. When drinking them green, the Bouquet of Cissus will bring to your meal the perfect accord of cabernet sauvignon and black merlot of which it is composed in equal parts.

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