Wines of Château Gugès, Haut-Médoc AOC, Bordeaux region

We are proud of our wines, which have earned a high reputation among wine connoisseurs and adepts, but we do not rest on laurels and intend to improve their quality further.

The wines of Haut Médoc AOC, Bordeaux region from Château GUGÈS are a real mosaic of sensations. They has a deep colour and an aromatic nose; they are rich and unctuous on the palate, perfectly enveloped in silky tannins.

For œnophiles the Château GUGÈS’ wines are the reference of Bordeaux wines, and this is not by accident. They really reflect the unique terroirs in the world, benefitting from a fertile soil, climate and geographic location.

The pronounced fruit and berry taste, soft tannins, balanced alcohol, characteristic for AOC Château GUGÈS wines, are based on competent assemblage and coupage. The structure of the wine is formed by Cabernet Sauvignon with its characteristic nose of black currant, tobacco tones and high tannin content. Auxiliary, or better so say amelioratory varieties – Merlot, providing a roundness of taste and velvety, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. As a result of competent vinification, when not only traditions but also enological innovations are taken into account, our wines are rich, complex and deep-colored and have a good aging potential.

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