The History of Château GUGÈS

The history of the Château Gugès rests on the passion for wine of men and women, who have always been committed to an ideal of perfection and that since the 18th century.

It was on April 18, 1769, when two Médoc winegrowers, Jeanne and Bertrand Braneyre, bought 5 hectares of vines in Cissac and began operating under the name Château Braneyre les Gunes.

The successive heirs didn’t stop making the domain prosperous. The spacious bourgeois house was built in 1825 while at the end of the 19th century the wine began to be sold as « Cru Bourgeois du Médoc» under the name Château Braneyre Les Gunes.

The Braneyre family remained the owner of the domain until 1958. By that time, the vineyards were divided into small plots and many of them were sold or uprooted.

In 1964, the Lusset-Guges family bought the domain and gradually planted up to 6 ha of vines.

In 1980, the Guges family took the reins into its hands. It continued to plant vines and enlarge the family domain. The wines produced and bottled at the Château started bearing the name of Vieux Braneyre.

The climatic hazard of 1991 devastated a large part of the vineyard, forcing the Gugès family to sell a part of the vineyard in 1993, including the plot run under the name of Vieux Braneyre.

However, the activity continued with the transition of the reign into the hands of two sons, who updated the methods used, in particular, they started utilizing manual harvesting and 18-month aging in oak barrels.

On February 25, 1998, to honor their ancestors (winemakers since 1785), they gave the name of «Château Gugès» to their prestigious vintage. Gradually they extended their domain.

In April 2017, they sold the Château to Mr. Zhuravlev who decided to undertake the renovation of the property by modernizing the facilities, taking particular care to respect the heritage.

New plots have been added to the existing 5 hectares. The renovation project is gradually taking shape relying on recognized professionals and remaining attentive to the peculiarities and specificities of the terroir with the aim to preserve and continue the history of the Château Gugès.