The History of Château GUGÈS

The history of Château GUGÈS rests on the passion for wine… passion of people, who have always been committed to an ideal of perfection…

The origin of this domain dates back to the 18th century. It was founded by Bertrand and Jeanne Braneyre, the winemakers from Médoc, when the bought five hectares of vines in Cissac, April 18, 1769, which they exploited under the name “Braneyre-Les-Gunes”.

The successive heirs of this family didn’t stop making this domain prosper. The spacious bourgeois house was built in 1850 while at the end of the 19th century the wine began to be sold as «Grands Bourgeois du Médoc».

The Braneyre family remained the owner of the domain until 1958. By that time the vineyards were divided into small plots and many of them were sold…

In 1964, the domain was bought by the Lusset-Gugès family, owned it up to 2017. First of all new owners planted 6 hectares of vines.

In 1980, Georges-Claude and Colette Guges took the reins of power into their hands. They continued to plant vines and enlarge the family domain. The wines produced and bottled at the Château started to bear the name of «Vieux Braneyre».

On March 31, 1985, the Guges family bought a small plot of vines that had belonged to the Braneyre family. From that moment on, it sold the wine from this one of the best terroirs in Cissac under its original name “Château Braneyre Les Gunes”, cited in many editions of the prestigious «Le Guide Féret», the Bordeaux wine directory .

Unfortunately, nature is not always generous and on April 21, 1991, the frost devastated most of the vineyard. Then, in 1993, the Guges family was forced to sold the part of their vineyards, in particular the one exploited under the name of «Vieux Braneyre»…

When the management of the family business passed into hands of two sons of Georges-Claude and Colette Guges, Jean-Christophe and Philippe concentrated their efforts on the quality of «Château Braneyre les Gunes» vineyard using manual harvesting, wine clarification with egg whites and natural decantation during an 18-month aging in oak barrels.

On February 25, 1998, to honor their ancestors (winemakers since 1785), Jean-Christophe and Philippe Guges gave the name of «Château GUGÈS» to their prestigious vintage.

At the beginning of 2003, they enlarged their vineyard and joined forces with Jean-Jacques Dekais, а friend and businessman from Brussels.

In April 2017, the history of the Château GUGÈS made a new round. It was acquired by Alexander Zhuravlev, a businessman from Russia, a great lover of France, who is vitally interested in winemaking, particularly in the Bordeaux region. Despite the renovation and modernization of the old chateau and winery, which has been already launched, Alexander has decided to take care of the glorious heritage and traditions of the domain and not to break the link of times. To expand the vineyard it was bought…, architects, enologists and other professionals invited for cooperation.
The respect for the unique kindly soil, centuries-old traditions of winemaking and history of the domain will be preserved and multiplied.